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New Born Care

New Born Care offered in Henrico, VA

Frequent visits to the pediatrician help ensure a newborn’s good health and development. At ADM Parham Pediatrics in Henrico, Virginia, board-certified pediatrician Usama Samman, MBBCH, MD, FAAP, provides quality newborn care so your child gets all the support they need in the first few weeks and months of life. Book a newborn care appointment today or use the online tool to schedule your baby’s visit.

New Born Care Q&A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is specialized pediatric care that focuses on the needs of children younger than three months. These first few months are essential to your baby’s growth, development, and long-term health. They receive important vaccines and hit certain milestones that reveal a lot about their future medical needs.

What are newborn care appointments?

You should schedule newborn care appointments in the first days, weeks, and months of life. During these appointments, you get assurances that your baby is developing normally and that small changes in their behavior or appearance are likely healthy. These appointments also allow you to ask any questions about care or your baby’s health. It’s a good idea to write down any questions you have between visits to get the answers you need during your appointment. 

These appointments also cover important vaccinations and milestones essential to a baby's long-term health.

When should I schedule newborn care appointments?

We give you a schedule of important newborn care appointments that include:

The first few days after leaving the hospital

The first appointment with ADM Parham Pediatrics happens just a few days after your baby comes home from the hospital. The doctor checks the infant’s weight and coloration. This appointment allows you to ask any immediate questions about care. It’s also the time for the administration of the hepatitis B vaccine.

Two-week check

Approximately two weeks after your baby’s first appointment, you return to ADM Parham Pediatrics for another weight and health check. 

One-month check

At one month, the doctor checks your baby’s growth. This is also a time for additional vaccines. 

After this point, your baby should come to the office every about every two months. As your infant grows, they get stronger and need less frequent visits. 

Why are newborn care appointments important?

The care your baby gets in their first few months is essential to their long-term health. Newborn care visits are important to:

Monitor growth and development

At newborn care visits, the team measures your baby’s height, weight, and head diameter. They’ll also check for important developmental milestones. 

Discourage and detect disease

Half of a person’s required vaccines are administered before they turn one year. Vaccines are an important preventive measure against devastating diseases like whooping cough and measles. If your child is showing irregular growth or other signs of possible disease, Dr. Samman can catch it early, when it’s easiest to treat and manage.

Manage weight gain

Your baby needs optimal nutrition to thrive. They should gain weight at a steady weight. Newborn care visits are a way to make sure your baby is getting the nutritional support they need. 

Get the newborn care your baby needs at ADM Parham Pediatrics. Call the office or use the online tool for scheduling purposes.