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Sick Child Visit

Sick Child Visit offered in Henrico, VA

When your child is sick, you want prompt, expert care to diagnose and treat their ailment. At ADM Parham Pediatrics in Henrico, Virginia, board-certified pediatrician Usama Samman, MBBCH, MD, FAAP, provides convenient sick child visit appointments so you get the support you need when your child is ill. Call today or use the online tool to schedule an immediate appointment.

Sick Child Visit Q&A

What is a sick child visit?

You schedule a sick child visit when your child shows symptoms of illness and can’t wait for a later appointment.

During a sick visit, Dr. Saaman takes the time to diagnose your child’s ailment and help with related symptoms. A sick visit is not a time to discuss other general health concerns, catch up on vaccinations, or receive advice about healthy living. 

What signs suggest I should schedule a sick child visit?

Children’s immunity is developing, and it’s common for them to catch viruses or bacterial infections when playing or at school. 

Symptoms that suggest you should schedule an immediate sick child visit at ADM Parham Pediatrics include: 

  • A fever of 100.4℉ or higher in children younger than one year 
  • A fever of 102.2℉ or a persistent lower grade fever that lasts for three or more days
  • High fever in children older than one year accompanied by vomiting, confusion, headache, stiff neck, or rashes
  • Rashes that appear to be chicken pox
  • Changes in breathing
  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Widespread rash
  • Persistent sore throat, cough, or earache

If you’re concerned about your child’s symptoms and don’t know if you should schedule a sick visit, call the office, and the friendly staff can help you decide on the next steps in care. 

Scheduling a visit at the first signs of an illness can help avoid serious complications from developing. 

What happens during a sick child visit?

Plan on the sick child visit lasting about 30 minutes. When you arrive at the office, a nurse takes your child’s vitals, including weight, height, temperature, and respiratory rate. The team asks questions about your child’s illness, such as detailed symptoms and when they began. 

Dr. Samman does a physical exam and may run screenings, like a flu or COVID-19 test. Depending on your child’s symptoms, the doctor may order additional screenings like blood or urine tests. If your child has signs of strep throat, the doctor may take a throat culture and review it in the office. 

A diagnosis may be made at the appointment, or you may have to wait for lab results. Dr. Samman offers the most appropriate treatment for your child’s symptoms, such as antibiotics, rest, and over-the-counter medications.

Schedule a sick child visit at ADM Parham Pediatrics if your child shows signs of illness. Call today or use the online tool for an immediate appointment.